We provide solutions for commercials, music videos, feature films, television productions, industrials, sports coverage and concerts. No matter what specialty camera platform your project calls for, the use of our equipment will save you time and production costs, while greatly enhancing your creative choices and production values.

As an Oregon-based company, we are a qualified vendor for the 20% rebate on in-state goods and services through the Governor’s Office of Film and Television incentive programs.


THE AWARD WINNING SUPERTECHNOCRANES from Panavision Remote Systems sets the standard for both telescopic and fixed length cranes. The SuperTechno is the most sought after crane because of its telescopic range and incredible versatility. It is considered by many the ‘swiss army knife” of camera platforms because it can be used for dolly shots, pseudo glide/steadicam shots, and crane shots in areas where conventional fixed length arms will not fit. With a 30 foot reach, you can place the camera anywhere within a 60 foot radius without moving the dolly. When the crane is fully extended and tilted all the way up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 30 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane. The Supertechnocrane’s maximum telescopic speed is five feet per second. Maneuver in the tightest spaces. Go precisely to the most inaccessible corner. Noiseless. Smooth starts and stops. Fast.

All of our cranes are equipped with the Z-Head, which can be used in both 2-axis and 3-axis modes. The modular Z-head accepts most cameras and 3D rigs and can be configured in several ways to be as unobtrusive as possible. while the z-head comes standard, the SuperTechnocrane is compatible with a wide variety of other remote heads too. It can be mounted on camera cars including the Shotmaker Premier, Chapman Apollo Crane, Chapman Supernova Crane, Panavision Multi Terrain Base, Chapman Olympian 3 (Remote Controlled Mobile Arm Base), Chapman Maverick (Mobile Arm Vehicle), Chapman ATB (All Terrain Base) and Chapman CS Base (Remote Arm Base). The standard package includes the 30’ SuperTechnocrane, dolly with motorized post and pneumatic wheels, Z-Head, Preston Focus System, operator’s console, 17 inch color HD ready monitor, and all necessary cables. Optional accessories include Automatic Backpan Compensation, Digital HME intercoms, track, Panamount, and weather cover.


THE POWER POD is the most versatile and reliable remote head available in the film industry. It is the one that the operator would build for himself - one that delivers exceptional performance and smooth response; one he knows he can trust.

The modular PowerPod System allows the operator to re-configure the size and shape of the head in minutes. The PowerPod has a broad tolerance for off-balanced loads, and it can capture difficult shots in impractical or treacherous environments. With the crew at a safe distance, the PowerPod makes dangerous moves that would ordinarily be abandoned. When conditions are less than ideal, the PowerPod System always delivers. You may operate the Power Pod with your choice of hand wheels, Joystick or Pan Bar. The head can be used with the DutchPlus 360 for a 3rd axis and it works on all types of crane arms.

The standard package includes the Power Pod, Preston Focus System, HD monitor and wheeled console.


THE GLIDECAM GOLD SYSTEM has been engineered and precision machined to make it lightweight and strong. Its six titanium spring Gold Arm can carry any video or film camera package ranging from 13 to 72 pounds, in both regular mode, and low mode. The system is completely designed around a “No-Tools” philosophy. The precision, x-y adjustable Head assembly utilizes a custom designed video distribution amp installed for clear video signals, as well as plenty of connectivity for virtually any camera package. The Head also incorporates a drop in style dovetail camera plate for quick front to back balance. The precision Gimbal incorporates 4 bearings inside the handle to yoke connection (the tilt axis). The top and bottom of the Post both have “no-tools”, 90-degree rotation, quick release connectors (bayonet style), for quick sled and base removal. The custom, shielded, wire coil assembly inside the post has 8-pin “Lemo” style connectors on both ends for quick disconnect. The Center Post also incorporates an alignment pin as part of the “no-tools” clamp that controls the extension of the Telescoping Post, keeping the upper and lower posts in alignment so the Head and Base of the Gold Sled are always parallel to each other. The Glidecam Gold Vest™ offers no-tools adjust, break-away safety system, quick pressure release dual buckle design with positive locking buckles and fast ratcheting adjuster buckles, integral black anodized T-6 aluminum and EVA foam padding, reversible and vertically adjustable arm mounting plate, and an Industry standard arm connector. The Glidecam Gold Base comes in both the NP-1 style (which can accept up to three NP-1 style batteries) and Anton Bauer style (which can accept up to three Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries).

The standard package includes the Glidecam Gold System’s sled, post, both base styles, arm, and vest, as well as a Preston Focus System, monitor, and all necessary cables.

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