We provide only the very best personnel to work with all the equipment we rent. Our team’s years of film and television experience set us apart from our competitors. Each of our members is hand selected to compliment our company’s mission. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and support for each and every client in all budget ranges.

BRYAN FLETCHALL the company’s president, has worked as a freelance Technocrane Operator with Panavision Remote Systems in Los Angeles since 1999, and is regarded as an outstanding and highly skilled Technician by his peers. He is cool under pressure, has a very high work ethic, is trustworthy, very honest and upfront, and has what some may consider an OCD attention to detail and cleanliness.

Since beginning his career, Bryan has worked on over 100 major studio films, such as Star Trek, John Carter, Friends with Benefits, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Glee, to name a recent few. Bryan relocated to the Portland area to bring a valuable skill and specialized camera equipment to a flourishing motion picture market. His Oregon residency qualifies as a “local filmmaker”, saving producers up to 16.9% through the Oregon rebate programs.

In addition to motion pictures, Bryan also shoots still photography. In his spare time he enjoys sushi, backpacking, and grilling on the BBQ.